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Medical Terms Your Doctor Uses to Insult You

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Have you ever imagined that some terms today are used among doctors and nurses to say something really mean of the patient. Not only this is a lack of respect but it is also something plain rude to do with other people just because they have something that they do not consider serious. It’s bad enough that they make deals with big pharm with over priced drugs that people could get for less from online pharmacies like 4rx, but then they also insult people while they’re in the same room. It is always very good to understand what their internal “slangs” mean , that way you will have some notion of what they are talking about you when you think that they are not taking you that seriously. Thousands of people go through embarrassing situations at the hospital and most of the time they simply do not know what is going on. Make sure you read the following list of slangs and understand what these professionals are saying about you or even your condition.

• FAC – This is not anything related to the office this means Fucking Awkward Client. This is a horrible term to say that they thought the patient was a little strange.

• GPO – Good For Parts Only. This means that the patient does not have any survivor chances and will only be used as a donor.

• FUBAR – Fucked Beyond Any Repair. This means the patient has little or even no chances of getting “fixed” as they often say.

• GDA Gonna Die Anyway – This is a sad yet very used term among these professionals.

• LWS Low Wallet Syndrome – A person that does not have money or even does not have any kind of health insurance.

• MFC – Measure for Coffin – This is a very bad sign.

• MGM syndrome – faker putting up a real good show.

• Meat Hook – surgical instruments to be used during a surgery

• LLS Looks Like Shit – This is a very common term that is used in general.

Other terms and hospital department

Each hospital department has its own sets of slangs. The above list only showed a small number of general cases where you can hear such terms used in a broader range. You can find lists online that has a very nice set of slangs and divided by department, that way if you work in a hospital or even spend too much time in one while a patient it will be a good read. It is also important to keep in mind that pretty much all businesses have slangs, however the medical field that is full of little details has a broader number of them. You will be able to find hundreds of them, literally, on the web today.

doctors duty

If you would like to read more and get all of the information you need regarding such terms make sure you visit a couple specific sites to get the right and most accurate information. You can go online right now and check two reliable sources at will certainly be very helpful for you to understand what your doctors are saying about you or even about your family members who happen to be at the hospital.

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